Rwanda Travel Information

In case there are any questions in regards to travelling to Rwanda, Covid-19 restrictions or anything else you will find the answers here.

Rwanda Reopens for tourism

As from June 2020, Rwanda has reopened for visitors. Rwanda is a very safe country, especially in regards to the current Covid-19 situation. There are some important things to know in regards to current restrictions to minimize the spread of Covid-19. You will find an updated set of answers on Visit Rwanda through the following link:

Obligatory Pre-Arrival form

Due to the current spread of Covid-19 Rwanda Development Board are conducting tracing and precautions. All arriving travellers are required to fill in the following form and to show that they have a recent negative Covid-19 test and are booked at a hotel for quarantine for the first 25 hours. The online form can be found here:

Latest info on Covid-19 restrictions in Rwanda

Latest information on current Covid-19 restrictions and rules in Rwanda can be found here. Click on info for passengers in the left column.