The grand idea is that you as a participant pick 1, more or all 4 stages of Ride Rwanda 2021 to test your legs and stamina on a lovely route with mostly brand new meandering roads engulfed by Rwanda's intriguing landscape.

All the 4 stages in the land of a Thousand Hills average between 85 and 142 km reaching a maximum altitude of 2600m. From 6:00 am to 11:00 am you have the opportunity to race across the ruby-like beauty of the Kivu-Belt region on the same road as the pro riders. Whether you manage to autonomously clear the finish line within those 5 hours or you are picked up by the broom wagon bringing you to the end point of the stage, you will have the best time of your life in this gem of a region.

Cheered on by well over half a million Rwandans dispersed over the entire stretch of every single stage you will feel like a true cycling champion. On top of that you will get the chance to discover the wonderful touristic attractions the Kivu-Belt region and Nyungwe forest have to offer.


After each stage in the Ride Rwanda experience there will be plenty of activities for you to choose from.

When you plan on putting together your own trip we suggest you simply book tickets for Ride Rwanda through our website through our booking page. Upon receiving your payment a ticket will be issued and sent to your e-mail.


Tour du Rwanda was promoted in 2019 to a UCI 2.1 category race. The TDR 2021 edition is thus the third race since its promotion. This means more attention from the cycling world, more international contestants, even more challenging stages, international broadcasting and much more.

You will get to taste all the excitement in and around the Tour Caravan in real time while you experience everything from the first row as you are literally paving the way for the professional peloton.

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